Scrum Master Toolbox - Notion Template

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Manage all important information related to your teams and team members in one place.

Comprehensive template for having a complete overview of what your teams and people are working on.

Key Features

  • Automated buttons to create new items in the databases
  • Perfectly designed modules to have all important information at your fingertips
  • Interconnected modules to work effectively with the template
  • Different views in each module so you can focus on the information you need at the moment
  • Meeting templates to create the meeting notes you need in seconds


  • Teams module
    • Keep track of all your teams and view all the important information related to each team.
  • People module
    • Add team members to your teams and keep track of their tasks, meetings and risks they are working on.
  • Meetings module
    • 7 prepared templates for team and one-on-one meetings
    • Team Meeting, Standup, 1:1, two types of Retrospectives, Ad Hoc Meeting, Event
  • Events module
    • See all your meetings and events in dedicated calendar views accessible from the dashboard or team page.
  • Tasks module
    • Integrated task manager - keep track of all tasks assigned to your teams and team members.
  • Risk Register
    • Resolve risks before they become problems. Use the Mitigations sub-module to track the tasks that lead to risk resolution.
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Scrum Master Toolbox

Teams, People, Meetings, Events, Tasks, Risk Register
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Scrum Master Toolbox - Notion Template

0 ratings
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